Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye Sunshine

Because we live so close to a very large hill, the sun actually
goes away in the winter, stops hitting our house at all.
So goodbye sun, everything will hybernate until
you return, when I will jump for joy at first sight of the sun
hitting the porch in February.


Wendy said...

OK, so if anyone can give me pointers on why when i preview a post it looks normal then I publish it and there is this giant space between the pics and the writing....

courtney smith said...

Probly cuz the alignment and/or size of your pics. Try aligning then on the left/right and making them either small or medium, rather than large. If that doesnt work- maybe you're uploading several pics at once, and then forgetting to put in your comment or whatever at the very bottom, rather than putting the writing in seperately below each pic.

But what i was GOING to say when i pushed "comment" was Pretty Pictures!" Love ya!


Jill said...

Love the photos of the house. Very nice. We still get the sun in the mornings and it is so wonderful. I'll box some up and send it over...or you could....come over :)

PS. Try "wrapping text" perhaps. Don't leave too big of a space between your text and the photo-- try putting the text right next to the photo. I've been on TYPEPAD for awhile so I'm out of practice with Blogger but the new blog is going back over there...yikes...soon. Need to get it finished.

Sara and David said...

We have also fallen into the darkness of winter. We have had quite a bit of snow so far and the inversions cause us to go days and sometimes weeks without seeing the sun. The only good thing is that I'm going to get to go skiing this year for the first time in 3 years!!
It's great seeing your pictures and reading about how you guys are doing, so thank you for keeping those of us far away up to date.